Configuring ZFS SMB Sharing on Solaris 11 – ZFS series (7th part) on OTN – new version

Dear friends, how are you? It follows a new version of my last article (7th part) about ZFS on OTN:

This last version has some quick improvements in the editing.

I hope you enjoy it and have a nice day.

Alexandre Borges


VMware vSphere Security Cookbook

Dear friends, how are you? Recently, the VMware vSphere Security Cookbook book (written by Mike Greer) was released and I took part this project as one of the reviewers. If you have interest, I suggest visiting the Amazon website to check the Mike Greer’s book:

Amazon website:

Packt Publishing website:

Honestly, I hope you enjoy the Mike’s work. Have a nice day.

Alexandre Borges.



Reviewing the Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced Administration Cookbook

Dear friends, good morning. One month ago, the Packt Publishing has published my book “Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced Administration Cookbook” and I have been receiving very nice and kind opinions, comments and reviews about it. Furthermore, Oracle team has featured the book on OTN website and several newsletters then I owe my sincere thanks to Oracle (especially to Rick Ramsey from OTN). Because all these efforts, the book has placed among the main books about Oracle Solaris 11 and Unix Operating System and, during some days, it the first one on Amazon ranking.

There are some links where you can read about the book:


Oracle OTN:

Packt Publishing:

If you had the opportunity to read the entire book or part of it (I know it is very long…), I would like to request you to write a review on Amazon website. Eventually, you would want to contact me personally to comment or talk about some found mistake in the book, so you can do it through the LinkedIn: There you can send an e-mail or add me in your professional network. Certainly, your opinion and point of view about the book is very important to me and that is the reason that I have replied all received messages.

Once more, thanks for your comments and kind messages.

Have a nice day.

Alexandre Borges.

My book about Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced Administration

Dear friends, how are you? This time the post is about my new book about Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced Administration that was published in October/10 on Amazon in the following link:

Additionally, you can download a free chapter from the publisher website:

Some very important points about the book follow:

  • During the writing process, I chose to use a massive and intensive practice experience, which every recipe begins with a simple introduction and the remaining theory is presented across the practice in an interleaved way.
  • There is a proportion of 85 percent of hands on procedure to 15 percent of theory because I want to write a useful book and I used a process very similar to my articles on OTN.
  • For almost each command, there is a following output to make your reading better.
  • Specialists in Oracle Solaris such as Mark Round, Darryl Gove, Hosam Al Ali and Johnny Trujillo revised the Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced Administration book.
  • All recipes were tested to try to prevent errors and misunderstandings.
  • The book assumes a basic experience with Oracle Solaris.

If you have some free time, look inside the book on Amazon website or download the free sample chapter from PacktPub publisher.

Sincerely, I hope you enjoy this book as well I enjoyed writing it.

Have a nice day.

Alexandre Borges.


PS: It follows the TOC (Table of Contents):

Preface    1

Chapter 1: IPS and Boot Environments    7

Introduction    8

Determining the current package publisher    8

Listing and collecting the information and dependencies of a package    9

Installing a package, verifying its content, and fixing package corruption    13

Managing IPS history and freezing and uninstalling packages    17

Discovering the IPS Package Manager interface    20

Creating, activating, and destroying a boot environment    22

Listing and renaming a boot environment    24

Configuring an IPS local repository    26

Configuring a secondary IPS local repository    32

Publishing packages into a repository    34

Adding big applications into a repository    37

Creating your own package and publishing it    42

Managing an IPS publisher on Solaris 11    56

Pinning publishers    58

Changing the URI and enabling and disabling a publisher    59

Creating a mirror repository    61

Removing a repository and changing the search order    62

Listing and creating a boot environment    63

Mounting, unmounting, installing, and uninstalling a package
in an inactive boot environment    64

Activating a boot environment    66

Creating a boot environment from an existing one    68

References    71

Chapter 2: ZFS    73

Introduction    74

Creating ZFS storage pools and filesystems    74

Playing with ZFS faults and properties    79

Making a ZFS snapshot and clone    85

Performing a backup in a ZFS filesystem    90

Handling logs and caches    96

Managing devices in storage pools    101

Configuring spare disks    108

Handling ZFS snapshots and clones    112

Playing with COMSTAR    116

Mirroring the root pool    131

ZFS shadowing    134

Configuring ZFS sharing with the SMB share    138

Setting and getting other ZFS properties    145

Playing with ZFS swap    152

References    157

Chapter 3: Networking    159

Introduction    159

Playing with Reactive Network Configuration    160

Internet Protocol Multipathing    174

Setting the link aggregation    190

Configuring network bridging    198

Configuring link protection and the DNS Client service    207

Configuring the DHCP server    216

Configuring Integrated Load Balance    221

References    234

Chapter 4: Zones    235

Introduction    235

Creating, administering, and using a virtual network in a zone    238

Managing a zone using the resource manager    247

Implementing a flow control    277

Working with migrations from physical Oracle Solaris 10 hosts
to Oracle Solaris 11 Zones    280

References    292

Chapter 5: Playing with Oracle Solaris 11 Services    293

Introduction    293

Reviewing SMF operations    295

Handling manifests and profiles    306

Creating SMF services    320

Administering inetd-controlled network services    334

Troubleshooting Oracle Solaris 11 services    338

References    342

Chapter 6: Configuring and Using an Automated Installer (AI) Server    343

Introduction    343

Configuring an AI server and installing a system from it    344

References    370

Chapter 7: Configuring and Administering RBAC and Least Privileges    371

Introduction    371

Configuring and using RBAC    372

Playing with least privileges    386

References    392

Chapter 8: Administering and Monitoring Processes    393

Introduction    393

Monitoring and handling process execution    394

Managing processes’ priority on Solaris 11    407

Configuring FSS and applying it to projects    409

References    415

Chapter 9: Configuring the Syslog and Monitoring Performance    417

Introduction    417

Configuring the syslog    418

Monitoring performance on Oracle Solaris 11    427

References    451

Index    453

Mimikatz and Metasploit

Readers, good morning. How are you? It follows a very simple document about Mimikatz and Metasploit:

Finally, as my life is gradually returning to normal, soon I will start two series of articles (from scratch): Windows Debugging and Volatility. Stay tuned!

Have a nice day.

Alexandre Borges


Volatility 2.4 Cheat Sheet and the best paper from DFRWS 2014

Hello people, how are you? Unfortunately, I am away from the blog because my crazy work, but I will be back soon. For now, it follows a simple link to the Volatility 2.4 Cheat Sheet:

Additionally, it follows the best paper from DFRWS 20014, which was written by Golden G. Richard III and Andrew Case:

I hope you are fine and have a nice day.

Alexandre Borges.