How to execute a Heartbleed Attack

Everybody has been following the news about a lethal bug named Heartbleed and all problems that it can bring for your company. Therefore, I’ve written a simple proof of concept article explaining how to make a test environment and to perform a Heartbleed Attack:

Enjoy it!

Alexandre Borges.

Initial Configuration for a Kernel Debugging Session on Windows 7

Hello people, how are you ? What have you been up to ? I’ve written a simple article about how to configure a Kernel Debugging Session on Windows 7:

Have a nice day.

Alexandre Borges.

OTN – Oracle Solaris 11 ZFS – part 1

People…how are you ? I’ve written a new series of articles about Solaris 11 ZFS on OTN (Oracle Technical Network). It follows the first part:

Have a nice day and I hope you enjoy it.

Alexandre Borges.